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Self Mastery Alumni

ou have graduated Soul Healing Protocol however you are not ready or interested in the commitment of Membership Level Two – KNOW THYSELF yet you still want to be able to work with your Blueprint.  In this complimentary self driven online process you are provided tools and techniques for ongoing Self Mastery as well as a place for accountability in creating and maintaining your personal and spiritual growth.  Great news… all you have to do is register for this program and you will have what you need.

Key Concepts

  • Following the Cosmic Calendar cycle and the areas of Life
  • Creating and Maintaining Conscious Self Awareness
  • Doing your Spirit being Human ‘work’ honestly
  • Feeling Mostly Awesome Most of the time
  • Learning to be, do and have more that is in alignment with truth

User Testimonial

Dan Scott

“Being skeptical from the start, Traci had to show me the real power and meaning behind her teachings.  Joining Self Mastery, learning from Traci, sharing with the other students and doing the work that was given to me, I started to uncover and understand a new meaning behind living my best life.  I now have the tools to live contently with myself and with others, and I look forward to learning more on my own”