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In this guide tour of Self Mastery, designed for graduates of the Soul Healing Protocol program we take the commitment of KNOW THYSELF to the next level of Spirit Energy having a Human experience as we intertwine our Scale of Awareness and the Natural Laws of the Universe to create and maintain a powerful and empowering guidance system and a direct connection to Source – the Cosmic Intelligence of the Earthly realm.

By following the Cosmic calendar and the lessons of Earth School (the 12 areas of life) we will learn, heal, share and grow in ways that create and maintain lives that are in alignment to our Highest Good, most of the time and with ease.

We will develop strong Soul recognition, tools for living in alignment with our Divine Assignment and in unity with the Natural Laws.  Why do we do this work? Well, it is simple really.  THIS, this is exactly why we chose the Earthly plane and this particular timeline.

“As we are filled from inside, we shed the need for love, for attention and acknowledgment from outside and therefore we are able to share ourselves with great abundance. We have become infinitely rich. Happiness is not something we seek. It is what we are. It is our timeless and indestructible essence.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.

The perfect weekly process has been set up for you to follow with ease in order to commit to your ongoing Self Mastery at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  This Program is FREE for all alumni. I highly recommend that you set aside 90 minutes each week – broken into 3x 30 minute segments for your homework.

In addition, you are very welcome to join the EARTH SCHOOL membership to enjoy a monthly live 2 hour (1st Monday each month; 6pm – 9pm EST) . While this is completely optional, I know from personal experience that this WILL change your life.  

Here is my recommended strategy, ideal for both Masculine and Feminine Energy Types, especially when customized to suit your learning style:

Week 1 – CLASS: includes a recorded metaphysical lesson on that months area of life; followed by a 4 to 11 minute vibration enhancing sound healing; wrapping up with guided healing energy medicine attunement session.

Week 2 – PRACTICE: following the outlined lesson plan, meditation and suggested homework found within your Portal you will be guided through the activity of bringing that month’s area of life into your Spiritual practice in some way significant to you, creating ways to consciously be with your precept for the purpose of Soul recognition, alignment to I AM energy and in unity with Natural Laws as well has creating some sort of awareness practice – I recommend journaling because it brings into your conscious competence the work, in that area of life, that you must be completed in order for you to learn the lesson and be in alignment with your fate (B4 & B5 working together).

Week 3 – MASTERING CONTEMPLATION: by engaging in deep contemplation and using the sound healing to reprogram your cellular memory allows the conspiring energies of Heaven & Earth to guide you through cleansing and purifying that area of life. 

Week 4/5 – REFLECTION: committing to reflect on all that you have learned about yourself, the world around you and the Universe as a whole in that month is essential to your growth and development. In addition, you are encouraged to recognize the ways that you have been of benefit to humanity just by living in your truth! 


This community of committed Spiritual Seekers is only available to graduates of the Soul Healing Protocol program.      

Key Qualities of Our Members

  • we have a deep desire to continuously learn, heal, share and grow
  • we are willing to do our ‘work’ honestly with consistent daily action toward greater Self Mastery
  • we want to KNOW ourselves equally as Human Being and as Spirit Energy

Member Testimonial


Donna Kehoe


“… this membership allows you to evaluate your life from where you are at, where you would like to be while using the past as a library of lessons. Learning about the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical reasons for our suffering and our joys has been a blessing and I am grateful for Traci and her guidance. 
The SAWJ environment provides educational lessons about love and fear on a deeper level.  That coupled with a platform that allows you to be your authentic self makes this group a beacon for those who want to know more.”