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The Advanced Practitioner Development Program has been designed to support all graduates of the Practitioner’s Journey Certification should they choose to dive deeply into their own practice of ‘doing the work honestly combined with the drive to be of enormous benefit as the practitioner.

This intensive membership program offers guidance, mentorship and advanced educational opportunities through consuming the knowledge already learned from different points of view, putting into practice all you learned in Practitioner’s Journey. 

We will embark on alternative paths with additional tools to create a greater depth of confidence in being of service as an Energy Worker, specifically as a Bioenergetic Therapist. 

In this monthly gathering of graduates of the Practitioner’s Journey Certification, we take the combined commitment of doing our personal work honestly AND being of enormous benefit as the practitioner to the next level.


In your role as a Bioenergetic Therapist, you are a Spiritual Coach, capable of teaching others to LIVE in conscious competence and to treat trauma at a cellular level.  That does not necessarily mean that you are ready.  Only you will know if and when that is. I cannot, nor do I have any interest in doing your “work” for you.  That being said, I am here to guide, teach, heal and mentor you into a space of conscious competence; into a place of knowing exactly who you want to be and into having the tools and resources to be a practitioner.

I am both honored and excited to continue to have you as a student.  I am grateful for this opportunity to guide and teach you as we DIVE DEEP into the Practitioner role – for both Self and Others.  I do so with the intention that I am passing on my teachings to you in a pure, positive, and authentic manner for the highest good of all.

The Advanced Practitioner Development Program is the next step in finding your truest and deepest connection to yourself and in creating a depth of knowing how to bring balance into your life through Self Awareness.

‘As a Bioenergetic Therapy Practitioner, you are encouraged to bring your unique experiences, insights, and challenges to the table. This membership is designed to be dynamic and responsive, allowing us to explore emerging trends, innovative techniques, and the latest research in the fields of metaphysical psychology, bioenergetic therapy, and energy medicine. I believe that learning is an ongoing journey, and together, we will stay at the forefront of personal & spiritual development, pushing boundaries, and expanding the possibilities of transformation. My commitment to you is that I will never stop learning, growing and sharing.’


This community of committed Spiritual Teachers is only available to graduates of the Practitioner’s Journey Certification who have successfully submitted their thesis.     

Key Qualities of Our Members

Stepping into the role of Practitioner to me is being able to demonstrate unity, and move with humility while leaving our manifested reality better than we found it. Leading the way for others to see that a healed state is simply a state of being where we can all exist. We all have the ability to heal disease before it orchestrates or attaches to the physical body. As a practitioner, I want to teach and treat others to help them cultivate the vision and imagination that, that is a possibility.