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Level One Membership Description

The best place to begin your Spiritual Journey to Self Awareness is here in the Self Awareness Academy where you can be a part of a metaphysical lesson based membership. It is time for you to put the pieces together that have led you to this moment… it is time to remember “who” you really are and why you decided to come to this space and time called human being.  I am excited to offer you a deep dive into your Divine Assignment and your own Self Love through Self Awareness without judgement…


Our members are a group of like-minded Adults, both men and women, who, like you, are first and foremost sick and tired of being sick and tired. You are all curious about Spirituality, Self Awareness and Self Love. You all want to learn, heal, share and grow. You are all Spiritual Seekers that have discovered that much of your suffering in the past is not what you thought it was. And you are done doing the same thing over and over praying for a different outcome.


You are all here, in the Self Awareness Academy because you want more, you want better for yourself! You have started to realize that Spiritual Disconnection is real. It likely began innocently and very often without any awareness that you were becoming more and more uninspired with each passing day. Often this lack of inspiration has been the case for a long time – you just were not aware of it. It has taken on some form of self-sabotage. You realize that you are repeating cycles and have patterns of behaviour that are harmful – sometimes appearing in seemingly insignificant ways but often shifting quickly in very detrimental ways. More often than not this leads to either or both depression and anxiety. Our first reaction to this is to go into a state of self-judgment and isolation. Yet, what is truly required is ‘Self Awareness without Judgement’.


Through a vast and diverse library of metaphysical lessons, healing guided meditations and mystical downloads, we will travel the path of Self Awareness without Judgement. We will learn metaphysical lessons in self-awareness, self-worthiness, self-love and abundance. We will do that through education, energy medicine and personal interaction. In short, you will learn more about being Spiritual Energy having a Human experience than you ever thought possible. Together, we will heal the hurt that has blocked our ability to remember our truth; we will share our stories – not to remain in them but to melt them away once and for all – and most importantly we will grow together in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways that once may have never seemed possible.


I am your host – my name is Traci and I am a Bioenergetic Therapist in Canada and Europe, a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology in the USA.  What that means is that I work within the layers of the Human Bioenergetic Field – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layer of energy that is your unique expression of you as a Spirit Being having a very unique human experience.  My private practice as a Doctorate of Energy Medicine and all of my programs (better yet deprograms) are based on both Metaphysical Psychology and the Natural Laws of the Universe. My passion is in the science of Epigenetics – the layers of Generational Trauma that influence and affect the way that you are capable perceive your reality as either positive or negative.  My teachings focus on both education and transmutation of FEAR stories that control and compel our conscious awareness.  My treatments are designed to deprogram the generational trauma so that you can remember your truth – your LOVE stories. My purpose on this planet is to share the Divine Assignment with as many people as possible and then to guide those ready to do their work honestly back into wholeness with who you are meant to be. I am a Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Energy Worker.


By being a member of the Level One Self Awareness Membership Community you will know that you are safe and supported through this journey. You will have tools and resources available to guide, heal and support you along the way. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • a vast and diverse library of recorded lessons complete with a healing treatment
  • a learning dashboard where you can search content and watch lessons over and over
  • an interactive private support group where you can ask questions, share information, connect with other members and get priority direct contact with Traci and her team of bioenergetic therapists.

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Member Testimonial

Melissa Skitch
Member since 2017

That [membership meditation on March 15, 2022] was incredible. I envisioned myself cradled under a gigantic majestic tree so big that some of the roots came above ground creating a space for me. It was covered in thick soft moss which cradled me while Mother Earth gifted me knowledge. Like a baby in the womb. I have saved this for future use as my goal is to learn to have the complete ability nurture myself during times of duress.