The Path to Self Mastery


Deprogramming Generational Trauma

& Reprogramming Spirit Energy

24-weekS from HURT to HEAL

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Let me ask you this...

Are you ready ?

Ready to be guided through a self-paced HEALING journey 
from Spiritually Disconnected to Self Awareness?
Ready to be DONE with feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired! 
Have you started to believe that you are broken and that life is hopeless?
The truth is, you are not broken… what you are is HURT!  
What if it is true that you are hurt by the suffering caused by 
Spiritual Disconnection 
By the uninspired, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
of being out of alignment with your
Divine Assignment. 
You are not going to get through all of the chaos all by yourself. 
Because as human beings, we do not realized that we are spiritually disconnected – we just ‘do not know what we do not know’.  
This is called unconscious incompetence and it keeps us stuck in this perpetual state of HURT! 

Since 2017 soul healing protocol has successfully shifted thousands of people just like YOU out of uninspired, self-sabotaging, full of depression & anxiety! And every single one of them started exactly where you are right now…  
wondering if this process was the one thing that would finally change the trajectory of their lives and for most, the answer has been a resounding YES!

What do you need to heal the hurt?

That sounds pretty simple, right?  First, you need awareness of what is actually causing your pain and suffering… the truth, not a diagnosis or a prescription but the truth! Then a proven process to shift you from the low frequency of  HURT to a high frequency of HEAL and finally, the support of others, just like you, who have done the work and changed their lives.
I get it, I really do – these may not be the things that you think that you want or even what you have been asking for, HOWEVER, they are exactly what you NEED.  How do I know? Because not only have I been exactly where you are at but since 2009 years is what my team and I do all day, every day. 
We support people on their Spiritual Journey from HURT to HEAL… 


Can you relate to one of these two scenarios?

You have an amazing life that YOU KNOW you should be grateful for, but you’re losing sleep wondering WHY you just can’t be happy.  It seems near impossible and it does not seem to be getting any better! You are frustrated, overwhelmed and you have had enough.
You’ve tried EVERYTHING, but it has all led to even more lack of inspiration, self-sabotage, anxiety, and depression than you can handle. You know “there has to be more to life than just this”, but have NO idea what to do or how to do it.
Either way, you find yourself wondering…
  • How am I going to STOP feeling sick & tired all of the time?
  • Why am I on this rollercoaster of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions?
  • What if I cannot take my power back; what if  I am just not worthy of being happy?
  • Maybe there is no hope for me… 
Let’s ditch all the past doubt, frustration, struggle, overwhelm, anger, and worry; let’s skip right to the good stuff – aka the answers!
YES!  Soul Healing Protocol will TEACH you a Spiritual Path that leads to happiness most of the time; even better it will create for a Human being user manual – after all isn’t that what we all need?
YES! Soul Healing Protocol will not only HEAL the cause of your negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions but it will also shift the quality of your entire life.
YES! Soul Healing Protocol will give you TOOLS to take your power back; not just now but in the future as well

CREATE your unique to you
'human being user manual'

This is a proprietary step-by-step online healing system that is proven to shift spiritual disconnection from HURT to HEAL.
Soul Healing protocol, or SHP as we affectionately call it first creates an awareness & understanding of energy medicine, it then deprograms your cellular memory to release generations of trauma including old stories, habits, and beliefs that are the root cause of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Next, it channels the cellular memory of your Divine Assignment  0 the why you are here and how you were meant to experience this lifetime.  Finally, it reprograms the neural pathways of your brain by teaching you the tools of Self Mastery – all in 26 weeks, with 1-on-1 sessions and live group coaching calls for ongoing support.
In each of the modules, Traci, personally, gently guides you through a process of learning, sharing, healing, and growth that meets you exactly where you are at and takes you exactly where you are ready and willing to go…
Through Self-driven online Metaphysical Lessons, 6 Private 1-on-1 proprietary Energy Medicine sessions and weekly Coaching Calls we will:
✔ LEARN EMPOWERING METAPHYSICAL TRUTHS  that offer some big a-ha moments like the “3 Day Cycle”, “The 4 ways Source communicates” and “4 levels of awareness” that we strive to embody 
✔ DEPROGRAM GENERATIONS OF TRAUMA from your cellular memory and bioenergetic field with  three (3) 1:1 ‘bioenergetic therapy’ treatments; shifting your FEAR stories from challengers to allies 
✔ REFORMAT YOUR TRIGGER ENERGY to reset your own unique negative polarity to it’s highest vibration; learning use this powerful metaphysical gift to recognize your own patterns and to grow both personally and spiritually
✔ REVEAL YOUR POWER ENERGY to reset your own unique positive polarity to its highest vibration; learning to use this powerful metaphysical gift keeps you in alignment with your Divine Assignment – creating “mostly awesome, most of the time”


✔ CHANNELING YOUR DIVINE ASSIGNMENT to remember your LOVE stories – the opposite energy of your FEAR stories; allowing you to remember your core values


✔ CREATE YOUR ‘UNIQUE TO YOU’ HUMAN BEING USER MANUAL; a powerful tool called the Scale of Awareness that aids in keeping you in alignment with your True and Authentic Self
✔ REPROGRAM YOUR POWER ENERGY into the 12 Earth Lessons – the 12 most important areas of life that scientist have proven are essential in creating and maintaining our happiness including SELF [physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, character] INFLUENTIAL OTHERS [intimate love, parent/child, social] and LIFE [career, finances, quality of life and vision for the future]


✔ BUILD YOUR VERY OWN SELF MASTERY BLUEPRINT designed to grow with you as you navigate human being as Spirit Energy; supporting you through all that life offers!  
What else does your investment include to offer ongoing support you on your Spiritual Journey… 
🔐 lifetime ACCESS to the online portal called the Self Awareness Academy, specifically access into the container called Soul Healing Protocol that you can access over and over!
🔐 not one but two optional weekly COACHING CALLS live on Zoom; one for each level of deprogramming and reprogramming; and one of them you will have access to for life!
🔐 an online community of like-minded Spiritual Seekers doing the same work that you are!       

About Traci

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After soul HEALING PROTOCOL you will:

It's time to Remember Who You Are...

Embrace your truth as Spirit being having a human experience here to heal generational trauma & live a most fulfilling life – however that looks & feels to you!

what other spiritual seekers are saying

It may sound weird, but I felt a nudge from the universe that meeting you was in my highest good (I now understand it was the universe). It took just that one session for me to know this is where I wanted to be to learn more about myself, the Universe and energy medicine. My awareness of self and others has skyrocketed because of my Soul Healing Protocol. For once, I know my life path and who I want to be. Doing this work on me and for others feels great!
Donna K
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how REVOLUTIONARY the love/fear scale [human being user manual] you help us design in Soul Healing Protocol is. It has given me a working model to effectively pull myself out of a pattern I couldn't before. I can't thank you enough for sharing this tool, I will be forever grateful for this and all of the teachings you share. Thank goodness (and obviously!) I found you in this lifetime!
Kylie C
I have been working with Traci since 2017. Learning my Divine Assignment and FEAR stories was just the beginning for me. I love to learn and I wanted to know and love my True Self. This Spiritual path, it turns out, is exactly where I was meant to be. I am so grateful that I started my Soul Healing Protocol journey - Traci's teaching style, her commitment to her students and her own spiritual development has been exactly what I needed as I have grown to become "mostly awesome, most of the time".
Shirley G

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