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Traci explains the Soul Reveal Reading download in 4 minutes….

“I honestly gained more from my Soul Reveal session than I did from years of therapy” - Daniela

In our session, you will understand exactly why YOU chose this incarnation as a human being and exactly how to align with your true Self without any more confusion, frustration or feeling like you are wasting time...

Your 1:1 session with Traci will: 

  • Awaken dormant Spiritual Keys & Light Codes of Self Awareness
  • Reveal your unique Divine Assignment for navigating Human Being (map)
  • Name your precise traumas, self-sabotage and blocks to Self Love
  • Introduce you to your innate sacred Guides
  • Show you simple tools to navigate your life in alignment with your Highest Truth

This is NOT generic 'self help' or repeat of other's teachings, this is your Soul speaking to You through me

As a masterful and experienced Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, I carry the unique gift and ability of being able to commune directly with your cellular memory to access your Soul’s unique Divine Blueprint.

Through decades of training, research, and practice of Energy Medicine, I have led thousands of Spiritual Seekers through this exact process to catalyze a Quantum Leap in their conscious self-awareness and Spiritual Growth.

“With Power and Grace I will guide You into deeply understanding your life, and provide access for You to step fully into your purpose as Spirit Energy having chosen this human experience.”

For a limited time $179 save $200

Here’s what your tuition grants you access to


(This complete Soul Reveal experience is worth over $1000!) 

For a limited time $179 save $200

“My life is totally changed due to working with you”
“Thank goodness I found you in this lifetime!”

You Will Discover exactly who You are and why You are here with:

“This helped me to understand myself in ways I could not have anticipated” - Nadia Y.


For a limited time $179 - Are You Ready?

what other spiritual seekers are saying

“I am amazed at how good I feel already and it’s only been one session. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I don’t get the nervous, anxious feeling in my chest anymore. I can slowly feel my old self coming back.”
Donovan F
“I’ll never stop thanking you because [Soul Reveal has] honestly transformed our life, and family”
Lindsay C.
“Amidst all the stress I currently have in my life, I have a sense of peace, calm, and gratitude that can only be due to my healing journey. And for that, I am eternally grateful”
Marge D
“One session with you changed my life!”
Sabrina L

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