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What if I told you YES, yes there is a HUMAN BEING USER MANUAL inside of every single Spirit Energy having a Human experience...

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WHAT DOES THE "Soul Reveal Reading " INCLUDE?

About the Soul Reveal Reading
In this LIVE on Zoom recorded session I will ask that you do not introduce yourself. I want to know as little about you as possible before the reading. I ask your Energy permission to move into the layers of your bioenergetic field to channel your from your Akashic Record to retrieve stored information that resides within your cellular memory – specifically your Human Being User Manual components. In this introductory offer I am looking for your Divine Assignment Pieces and your FEAR stories.
Your Divine Assignment
Specifically, I want to know WHY you chose this timeline and human being; I want to know what your “True Path” is and I want to know HOW you decided you would navigate the outside world. I call these your Divine Assignment pieces. This information will awaken your unconscious Spirit Energy, unlock your Human Being User Manual and will explain the pain and suffering that you have experienced up to this moment.
Your FEAR stories ~ generational trauma
While I am in your physical bioenergetic field I will experience where in your physical body you are holding your own blocked trauma, unlearned lessons and non beneficial energy of experiences that you have not let go of. I will also find where you hold onto the other people’s suffering, work that is not yours to do and their non beneficial energy. Then most importantly, I will move into where the metaphysical beacons of your LOVE stories are anchored in your spiritual bioenergetic field. These are the positive polarity expression of your power energy that have been subdued by your generational trauma. This is exactly where I will find your FEAR stories – the negative polarity expressions of your trigger energy that have been hijacked by generations of trauma.
I will walk you through what each of these pieces of information means about, to and for you. 
                                        ~ Traci


😌 Overcome Uninspired, Self-Sabotage, Anxiety & Depression😌

🔮 Embark on a Soul-Stirring Journey of Self-Discovery🔮 

🌈 Reconnect with Your Spiritual Essence to Heal Generational Trauma🌈

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💫 Channel the Wisdom of the Akashic Records through your cellular memory💫

🌿 Blending Bioenergetic Therapy and Metaphysical Psychology🌿

🌌 Tapping into Cosmic Intelligence for Guidance 🌌


In this recorded 1-on-1 session we DO meet in-person, live via Zoom where we will not only have time to get to know one another even better but also you will even have time to ask questions. I will ask your Energy permission to move into the layers of your bioenergetic field to channel your from your Akashic Record to retrieve stored information that resides within your cellular memory – specifically your ‘unique to you’ Human Being User Manual components.
I will share the secrets held in your cellular memory, how I can support your growth and development moving forward.

How it all works…

You will likely be waiting a couple of weeks for this type of appointment – no worries – you will have access to the portal right away. I do your reading on that date at that time and within 24 hours you will receive your package in your email box complete with the live recorded video of your Soul Reveal Reading.      

What else is included to support you on your Spiritual Journey… 

🔐lifetime ACCESS to the online portal called the Self Awareness Academy, specifically, access into the container called Soul Reveal Reading where you will find your homework and all of the definitions I shared in your reading, access to me and educational videos to support you on your journey.

🔐your SOUL REVEAL READING; 50 -minutes live on Zoom dedicated entirely to your Spiritual growth and development along with a RECORDING link and the SELF AWARENESS JOURNEY document [pdf]; outlining each of your 3 Divine Assignment pieces and your 3 FEAR stories.

🔐an optional COMPLIMENTARY integration call available to you within 3 weeks of your Soul Reveal Reading; designed to support you in doing this Spirit Being having a human experience work.

🔐an introduction to the most important pieces that unlock who you truly are meant to be on this timeline!                     


Let me introduce myself – my name is Traci and I am a Bioenergetic Therapist, Spiritual Guide and Teacher. This means that my work is within the intricate layers of your Human Bioenergetic Field – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of energy that surround and support you in this Third Dimensional Reality called Human Being. My entry into the profession of energy work began with training in Yoga, Reiki and Psychotherapy. That guided me into a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Energy Medicine, then to a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology specializing in Epigenetics. Most recently embarking on a certification as an Ayurveda Practitioner and training in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy. My private practice and all of my programs (better yet deprograms) are based in developing a Conscious Awareness of Self through Metaphysical Psychology and in alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe. My professional passion is stoked in Epigenetics – the layers of Generational Trauma that create filters that both affect and influence the way in which you are capable of perceiving your reality. My teachings focus on both education and the transmutation of blocked energy that affects your human experience. My purpose on this planet is to share with each interested individual their Divine Assignment and then to guide those ready to do their work honestly back into alignment with who they are meant to be.

As a Spiritual Xenagogue, I am mystical tour guide and translator effortlessly traversing the space between heart-driven energy medicine and the traditional ways of mystical knowing.

I am devoted to a lifetime of authentic exploration of Spirit and of the wisdom of the mystery school teachings, the power of sacred plant medicine teachers* and the science of metaphysics.  It is my intention of healing the generational trauma that blocks your Spirit from having an empowering Human experience. With a doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology, my “being of enormous benefit” on this planet is teaching & treating spiritual seekers, just like you, who are willing to do their own shadow work honestly.   It is my honour and my  passion is to guide you to the light through the deepest levels of Self-awareness without judgment.

Traci Trimble, Ph.D., D.MPsych, CBT
Self Awareness Academy

“I am both honoured and excited to be your Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Bioenergetic Therapist and I am honoured to work within your bioenergetic field to reveal energetic blocks, teach you Metaphysical philosophy and download lasting elements of Self Love into your conscious awareness.”
~ Traci

Traci Trimble has spent the last 2 decades on a deep personal Spiritual Journey of healing that has led to a profession of being in service. In her International practice she has worked with thousands of Spiritual Seekers, guiding them to shift out of the trauma of being human into the power of Self Love. Her platform is the Self Awareness Academy where she shares the story of the “Divine Assignment”, offers her signature program ‘Soul Healing Protocol’ and teaches a Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner Program called ‘Practitioner’s Journey’. Her soon to be published works called The Human Being User Manual is a culmination of all of the wisdom she has gathered from reading Soul energy over her career.

Limited time offer

regular price $179