MALE Gender Energy definition...

Your GENDER ENERGY is the reason WHY you are here.  There is a specific process your cellular memory is programmed to follow… and yours is MALE energy therefore your purpose is to be TASK-oriented.

Our gender energy has NOTHING to do with our physical body nor specific  sexuality ~ it is based in the Natural Law of Gender … how we create and procreate.

What does that mean?  Well, you are here to learn as much about the experience called Human Being as possible and you are energetically and cellular designed – yes designed – to achieve that only while in-alignment as MALE ENERGY. 

Your process is as follows, in this order and as a completed as a full cycle.  Failing to follow this process or complete the cycle will take you out of alignment (you will either be blocked and unable to be on purpose or you will chameleon into FEMALE energy and be completely out of alignment – every single time, no exception.)  Out of alignment creates pain and suffering and attracts to you people, places and things that feed (with or without your awareness) your FEAR stories – again… every time and without exception.


Step #1. Seek knowledge and awareness through Self Love.  LEARN, figure out and accept as much as you can about yourself – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly are as equally important. Figure out  Who you want to be and how to be that with ease.  Avoiding this step creates what we call unconscious incompetence and renders you incapable of steps 2 and 3. 

Being out of alignment with your Gender Energy is the main cause of Spiritual Disconnection – uninspired, self-sabotage, anxiety/depression.

Step  #2. Deliberate on what you learn about yourself.  Take time to really PROCESS and make amendments to things that do not work for you, seeking out more of what has worked.  I, personally, love meditation and journaling as both a tool and a skill for personal and spiritual development.  Too many people skip this process for themselves, they put themselves last and too quickly move on to step 3.  Your purpose here is to truly KNOW your own Self.

Step #3. MOVE ON.  You are here to accumulate as much information as possible.  What you do with this information is less important than that you are always questioning, and seeing from all perspectives.  Your life cycle is designed to rapidly repeat steps 1 and 2 over and over – taking you to new levels of awareness all of the time.  Should you choose to share this information  – awesome – as long as that does not stagnate you in any shape or form. Staying anywhere, physically or intellectually, once you have learned that lesson will only create suffering.  THIS is exactly why you are here – it is who you are meant to be.  

Do not take this lightly.  Your Soul now knows that you know why you are here.  It is time to CHOOSE you!