Human Being User Manual

USD $999.00


Your Soul Reveal Reading was just the beginning. It was the tool designed to bring your conscious Self-Awareness to the surface, and it planted the seed of ‘Taking Your Power Back’.

Now, you are ready

The Human Being User Manual is the rest of your ‘unique to you’ map and Traci is here to teach you how to use it in every single experience of frustration, agitation, or suffering, to shift you out of surviving to thriving.

By the completion of this course with Traci, you will have 

  • Visual of all of the components of the energy designed to guide you on your unique journey
  • Exactly what’s triggering you, and how it expresses as pain and suffering
  • Exactly what that pain and suffering is messaging to you
  • Know yourself better than you ever have
  • Exact script to take you out of suffering
  • All areas of Earth School reprogrammed back to your true frequency and vibration
  • Support for life

The Human Being User Manual Course Includes-

🔐 1:1 channeling session with Traci to reveal the reset of your unique Human Being User Manual, located deep in your cellular memory

🔐 Your Unique Scale of Awareness – your unique, visual printout guiding you back to Clarity in any situation

🔐 12 Attunements of your True Frequency to the Earth School lessons

🔐 Documented Blueprint of your unique life priorities complete with a healing energy treatment to keep you in alignment

🔐 Lifetime ACCESS to the Self Awareness Academy Human Being User Manual home study modules and support

🔐 weekly COACHING CALLS live on Zoom; available for 18 weeks!

🔐 an online community of like-minded Spiritual Seekers doing the same work that you are!