Spiritual Weekend Getaways

~ Deprogramming the Emotional Blocks to Self Love~

Twice every year, in April – the cosmic Energy of Spirituality & in November – the cosmic energy of Quality of Life, we make it a priority to design an empowering weekend getaway for an intimate group of Spiritual Seekers ready to do their Shadow work and step into an energy cycle of Self Love.  Here at The Self Awareness Academy, we wholeheartedly believe that spiritual maintenance is an absolute non-negotiable must. More than just a weekend away at an award winning resort and spa location in Ontario, Canada, these weekends are educational, dynamic, healing and restorative. Each day brings together the philosophy and experience of Metaphysics, Meditation, Sound Healing, sacred ceremony and Yoga to create an empowering environment purposefully customized to allow for a deep intentional release of the non-beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that have been distracting YOU (with or without your awareness) from living in your highest good. Together, we set the intention of activating and move through spiritual SELF LOVE with an intentful awareness to transforming the intimate connection between body, mind and heart.

Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we do learn things from each other's experience. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination... SELF LOVE!

Are you ready to take a weekend to HEAL the HURT created by  Spiritual Disconnection? 

Pack your bags, open your heart and join us for a weekend filled with metaphysical lessons, sound healing therapy, sacred ceremony, energy medicine, restorative yoga, farm to table food and a loving community of like-minded spiritual seekers on their own unique journey of creating & maintaining SELF LOVE! 


COSTA RICA January 2025

Join Traci Trimble, Daniela Hess and Christopher Grant on this empowering 6-Day Retreat by the ocean in Costa Rica this coming January!

Are you ready to stand in the vibration of one of the most gorgeous places on Planet Earth, and fully embody self-love in every cell of your Being?

Through energy medicine, movement and sound therapy, you will release the blocks that have held you back in the past. For 6 days, we’ll be by the ocean – connecting, exploring, swimming and soaking in the sun.

The 'SELF LOVE' Experience

An interactive visceral experience from

The secret to excelling at the human experience is rather simple – not easy – just simple.  It is SELF LOVE.  The challenge is that ‘Life’ seems to get in the way of being able to create and maintain the conscious awareness, routines and time required to dedicate to ourselves.  

This, conscious and/or unconscious, disregard of Self ultimately becomes what the theory of Spiritual Disconnection best describes as the HURT: 

Habits and beliefs that render us
Unconscious of the not so silent
Rage within, created by mental and emotional
Trauma that feeds our FEAR stories

Over time, the signs of Spiritual Disconnection start to creep in without our awareness. The symptoms of Spiritual Disconnection include uninspired, self-sabotage, anxiety & depression.  These are the ‘HURT’ that we heal over the duration of these interactive weekend getaways and in the days following.

As part of the weekend protocol, each participant will receive an individualized Soul Reading outlining exactly what your Soul Personality is asking to transform and heal over the weekend.  We will do just that, HEAL, with metaphysical lessons, sound healing therapy, energy medicine downloads, guided meditation and gentle yoga. Our goal is deep regenerative Spiritual maintenance that bringing us back into alignment with our true and authentic Self.  

If you have been feeling all alone, if you are sick & tired of being sick & tired AND if you are ready to HEAL the HURT of unconscious incompetence then The ‘SELF LOVE’ weekend experience is for you! 

If you are already or just want to be deeply committed to practices that supports you in your daily consistent action of being in alignment for your highest good the The ‘SELF LOVE’ weekend experience is for you!

Not sure why you are so drawn to being here – well that definitely means that The ‘SELF LOVE’ weekend experience is for you!

Investing in Spiritual Reconnection

"I let go of shame. I allowed myself to feel my wings and the power I have, was always meant to have." Magical ~ ML

In this custom designed SPIRITUAL MAINTAINANCE WEEKEND RETREAT focused on finding, creating & maintaining SELF LOVE, we will:

✔ arrive on Friday afternoon to settle in at the amazing Elmhirst’s Cottages, Retreat Centre and Day Spa just outside of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where each of us will enjoy our very own private room in a shared cottage complete with a full kitchen, a fireplace, a patio just steps to the lake;

✔ indulge in a renowned chef preparing and serving every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner – made with ALL local farm fresh ingredients – most of which is grown right on the resort property;

✔ begin our metaphysical journey with a very personalized Soul Reading, by Traci, in which YOU will know the exact name of the non-beneficial energies that have been blocking your personal and spiritual development, what cause and effect they have created in the past and where they are located within YOUR Bioenergetic Field.  This will be the core of your healing over the weekend;

✔ melt into the Philosophy of Yoga experience with Dianne guiding you through a gentle yet dynamic Yang practice to open each day and a loving Yin practice to close each day; each session (4) incorporates meridian energetics and weaves Self Love into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bioenergetic fields;

✔ embark into “the healing work” of deprogramming trauma and blocked energy to reprogramming Self Love and awareness in the (4) Energy Medicine workshops that include metaphysical lessons, channeling from the Akashic, intensive sound therapy, energetic downloads/healings and guided meditation;

✔ relish the opportunity for FREE time – you can explore the resort, book horseback riding, spend some time at the spa, go for a swim or a dip in the hot tub.  You can take a nap, walk in nature or sit by the fire and journal – it is your freedom to both create and savour!

A very special gift to support you…

Your Sacred Tool Kit

The CASE itself
Your case was cleansed using Reiki energy and attuned to your frequency and vibration as revealed by your first name, last name and date of birth.  It is “of” your essence. The zipper not only keeps your tools secure but holds sacred energy as the zipper is the colour of the chakra that is holding sacred space for you this weekend.  While you will be healing the weakest of each of your chakras, the colour on your zipper is holding space for you to do just that!

Channeled by Traci from your Soul to answer the following questions: what trauma has taken you out of alignment, what chakra holds the trauma story and what source of empowerment returns you to your true path?

In the Friday evening session, we will spend time in sacred circle understanding the depth of this letter, how it will not only change your life but set you free and on your true path; and then using the rest of the sessions to first deprogram the trauma, next process through the message and finally reprogramming your bioenergetic field to a higher frequency and vibration that is more in alignment with your truth..

Your letter includes the exact name of the trauma energy that must be healed in order for you to move forward on your true path; the identity of the weakest chakra that needs your LOVE and attention in order to create and maintain a high frequency and vibration as well as the powerful energy that redirects you to exactly where you need to be (physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually) to receive LOVE from your own Self… this weekend and moving into the ever-present now.

The SMUDGE Spray
Made from Full Moon Energy infused during the unique 2-day full moon in October 2022 this smudge spray is embodied with protection from entities, attachments and non-beneficial energy; with clearing essence for your physical, emotional and mental bioenergetic fields; as well as programmed with the frequency and vibration of your unique Guide for the weekend.

The ingredients in order of volume: distilled water remineralized with quartz crystals and infused with full moon essence; witch hazel for antibacterial properties supporting physical healing and the body as a whole; pure sage essential oil sourced from within Canada for protection and grounding; cedarwood essential oil from Young Living for calm and peace; cedar leaves from the First Nation territory of Mississauga’s of Scugog Island as an offering to your Guides; sea salt ethically source from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for spiritual grounding.

Your unique GUIDE
From world renowned angel guide Kyle Gray’s oracle deck called ‘Keepers of the Light’ you have been chosen by an enlightened Soul to be guided and healed this weekend. These ascended masters, spiritual deities and higher beings are here to support you in developing your intuition, embracing your spiritual gifts and to deliver the message that you absolutely must hear this weekend.

A piece of QUARTZ crystal
Quartz is one of the purest examples of natural energy and is considered to be the ‘light bringer’. As it is an amazing amplifying stone we will be using it to hold space during our intense sessions of sound healing and energy medicine.  As we set our intention for the weekend, the individual stone at the end of your mat will amplify your physical and spiritual experience – meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. It will support your teachers and guides in bringing your whole being back to balance at the end of the weekend.

White mandala CANDLE
A white soy-based candle, scented with essential oils in a beautiful mandala tin is provided for those healing moments outside of session.  While in your own space you will want to journal and/or process in any way that supports you.  It is highly recommended that you have a white candle burning to cleanse and purify not only your own energetic space but also the environment in which you are processing.  This tool provides a safe vessel to make that happen.

May this sacred tool kit guide, teach and support your through and into Self Love.

~ Traci

As a part of your SELF LOVE journey, you will be provided with a sacred tool kit. While this appears to be a gift bag, please know, that it is much more than that.  It is designed to support you on this weekend of SELF LOVE.  

As we embark on some deep spiritual cleansing, these tools are created with love and for the purpose of personal and spiritual empowerment by your teacher and guide, Traci Trimble.

What to Expect

Traci Trimble, PhD, D.MPsych, CBT
Self Awareness Academy
Doctor of Energy Medicine
“I am both honoured and excited to be your Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Bioenergetic Therapist this weekend. I am what is best described as a Spiritual Xenagogue – a translator and guide – honoured to work within your bioenergetic field to reveal energetic blocks, teach you Metaphysical philosophy and download lasting elements of Self Love into your conscious awareness.”
~ Traci
Traci Trimble has spent the last 2 decades on a deep personal Spiritual Journey of healing that has led to a professional calling as a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, specializing in Energy Medicine and Epigenetics. In her International practice she has worked with thousands of Spiritual Seekers, guiding them to shift out of the trauma of being human into the power of Self Love. Her platform is the Self Awareness Academy where she shares The Divine Assignment, her signature program Soul Healing Protocol and the Bioenergetic Practitioner Certification Program. Her soon to be published works called The Human Being User Manual is a culmination of all of the wisdom she has gathered from reading Soul energy over her career. 

As a Spiritual Xenagogue, Traci is the translator and tour guide of this empowering energetic journey.
Kylie Choudhry, BA, BEd, YTT350, Reiki Master

“This weekend will be a transformative exploration into the depths of self love and I am honoured to participate, guide, support and witness.”  ~ Kylie


After many years teaching in elementary classrooms, Kylie left the profession to begin to homeschool her two daughters and continue her decades long dedication to her spiritual practice, personal growth, and exploration of our multidimensional reality through a variety of pathways. She uses her experience with yogic practices to guide students to move the body, move the breath and settle the mind, which assists us in uncovering ever greater levels of awareness. It is Kylie’s passion to hold space for both herself and others to uncover new awareness and integrate them into their lived human experience. As Shaman energy Kylie’s gentle touch allows a beautiful surrender into the healing process.


3:00- 4:00 ARRIVE & CHECK IN; settle into the cabin [earlier than 3pm you can wait in the Wild Yonder PUB inside the main building]

3:59pm SHARP – 6pm* ORIENTATION – receive your personalized reading, gift bag and instruction for the weekend; learn how the deprogramming, processing and reprogramming works; INTRODUCTIONS – each person will have a minute to introduce themselves to the group, even if it is just your name and why you are here this weekend

6:00pm – 7:30pm DINNER – a delicious full plated meal {meat based, vegetarian and/or vegan options}

7:30pm -9:00pm SESSION ONE: a metaphysical lesson “understanding your Soul Reading” with Traci Trimble, PhD; D.MPsych and intention setting

9pm – 10pm YOGA  – a gentle integration preparing the body to receive the gifts of deprogramming, processing and reprogramming over the weekend


8:00am – 9:00am YOGA – activating and preparing the body and mind for an intensive day of healing

9:00am – 10:00am BREAKFAST – very light meal to get the day started

10:00am – 1:00pm SESSION TWO: an immersive physical and spiritual sound bath energy medicine healing session designed to create the sacred space required to heal blocked energy from the body, mind and spirit; each individual will have a unique experience; time to journal and process with support from the team

1:00pm – 2:30pm LUNCH – a delicious nourishing full plated meal {meat based, vegetarian and/or vegan options}

2:30pm – 5:00pm FREE TIME – visit the pool, sauna and/or hot tub; have a nap or sit by the fire in your cabin and journal; you can book spa treatments or horseback riding (book right away).  We will be screening the movie Time of the 6th Sun – a vitally important documentary urging humanity to engage in spiritual reconnection

5:00pm – 6:00pm YOGA  – a gentle loving practice designed to support all the work you did in your deprogramming

6:00pm -7:30pm DINNER – light nutritious meal – trust us, you will not want more food at this point!

7:30pm – 9:30pm SESSION THREE: an intimate guided integration session with Traci Trimble, PhD; D.MPsych 


8:00am – 9:00am YOGA  – activating and preparing the body and mind for an intensive day of healing 

9:00am – 10:00am BREAKFAST – light meal to get the day started

10:00am – 1:00pm SESSION FOUR: an immersive physical and spiritual sound bath energy medicine healing session designed to create the sacred space required to reprogram a lasting sense of empowerment into the body, heart and soul; each individual will have a unique experience; time to journal and process with support from the team

1:00pm – 2:30pm LUNCH – a delicious nourishing full plated meal {meat based, vegetarian and/or vegan options}

3:00pm heading home

Thursday (following the event)

8pm – 9pm an online via Zoom integration call with Traci, supporting you in taking the tools from the weekend back into real life

* denotes ‘MANDATORY’ component of the program; very important: if you participate in the deprogramming, you must participate in the reprogramming.

[all times are EST (Toronto/New York) and subject to change; all participants will not only be given ample notice of any changes but also a copy of the itinerary the week before the event]


While all of our meals will be served in our private venue, Elmhirst’s boast two additional dinning experiences that feature products from the surrounding community with locally sourced or farm raised food and drink including their Wild Blue Yonder Pub and Patio. Our resort is also a large working farm with animals raised and produce grown on site. These foods, known as Elmhirst’s Own, are solely for consumption by their guests.  In addition, they maintain partnerships with local suppliers to round out their menu offerings and reflect their commitment to sustainability. You are invited to take a tour when visiting.

Here are menu samples (which may or may not reflect the weekend menu).

You will have a private room in a shared cottage in close proximity to the Conservatory where all events will take place.

Each cottage has two floors with two bedrooms and a full washroom on each level. The living room and equipped kitchen provide a beautiful lake view and feature a lakefront deck, and fireplace.

To see the cottages click here

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"I truly found a deep state of ACCEPTANCE of what I have been through as "the" lessons towards my true purpose."

A message from Traci

I am both excited and grateful to hold your space this weekend; to witness your personal and spiritual development.  

I am grateful that you were guided to me and I hold this opportunity as a great honour. In love and light, I see you and I meet you exactly where you are at.   

I am also grateful to Kylie who support me in supporting you.  We cannot wait to spend this weekend with you!

~ Traci

"I honestly wasn't sure why I was doing this. I didn't believe or even understand any of this - it was all my daughter's idea. It turns out it was MAGIC for me - I released pain, I found peace, I opened to believing. It was worth both the time and the money. Thank you for everything you did for us."

hd wallpaper, nature wallpaper, sunset-3120484.jpg

Yes, this weekend is an investment.  An incredible investment in your personal and spiritual development that will have an exponential rate of return on your investment.  It is the key to unlock that which has blocked you from embracing Self Love with ease in the past.  You deserve to be loved and appreciated that MUST come from within Self first.  And unfortunately, not only do we have to learn how to do that we have to continue to do it!  Let us support you in that effort…

Your weekend package includes over $2200 worth of a-la-cart services:

   ~ private room and bathroom in a shared cottage (with 1 to 3 other guests)
   ~ all meals and beverages of the highest quality
   ~ three healing sessions and an orientation/lesson with Traci Trimble, PhD, D.MPsych
   ~ four yoga classes
   ~ a customized, unique to you Soul Reading
   ~ a Spiritual tool kit
   ~ a 1 hour post retreat integration call live via Zoom

The return on this investment includes and is not at all limited to:

   ~ a visceral physical release of emotional and mental trauma that has blocked your spiritual growth in the past
   ~ a knowing of Self unlike ever experienced before as layers of non beneficial energy are removed from your conscious awareness
   ~ a sense of peace that lasts for weeks to come; and with practice can be carried with you for a lifetime
   ~ a connection with other like-minded spiritual seekers that prioritize Self Love too
   ~ a lifetime teacher and spiritual guide relationship with Traci Trimble, PhD, D.MPsych
   ~ a generally awesome weekend away from real life!

We are excited to embark on this journey with you.

Your team at Self Awareness Academy

Next Ontario Retreat: November 2024

"The best part of the weekend was acknowledging the magic - the synchronicities as I reconnected and attuned to my own energy."

"All I can say is this was MAGIC! It was physical surrender, spiritual grace and it was Divine Love - a genuine trust in the wisdom within me."

This is an intimate event limited to 12


This offer is available to all candidates with $179 non-refundable deposit, FULL payment must be received by the deadline date 

Failure to make full payment on time simply expires the invoice and a new one is issued for the regular payment price. Payment plans are available.

Please be sure to read our cancellation policy.

Event Deadline:
February 1st for April Retreat
September 1st for November Retreat



As always members receive first access to all events, our early bird rate is honoured before the deadline. 

You will be required to register from your Members Portal – do not use any links found elsewhere including Facebook, here or the advertisement page.

Please be sure to read our cancellation policy.

Event Deadline:
March 31st for the April Retreat
October 31st for the November Retreat



 A $179 non-refundable deposit is required at registration and FULL payment must be received by the deadline date.

Failure to make full payment by the deadline will open your space to the waiting list and forfeits your deposit. Payment Plans are not available.

Please be sure to read our cancellation policy.

Event Deadline:
March 31st for the April Retreat
October 31st for the November Retreat


Stay tuned in mid July 2024 as we release the details of our next Ontario SELF LOVE event in November 2025!

Hint hint ~ usually our retreats are the last weekend of the month