Without a your Map, life is confusing, frustrating, and inefficient. This defines unnecessary suffering and is the root cause of Spiritual Disconnection.

If you are reading this right now, you have have completed Part 1 of your Human Being User Manual in the 1:1 session with Traci called the ‘Soul Reveal Reading’ and it is time to continue your journey on this spiritual path to remembering your complete blueprint.

By now, you already know Traci is a trustworthy, masterful Sacred Guide; exactly who you have been looking for to guide you on this most important journey to Self Awareness.

You are standing at this most epic fork in the road, where you are deciding what is in your highest good. Do the same thing over and over again or to follow a new and empowering path...

Will you repeat the same patterns or will you complete the rest of your unique-to-you Human Being User Manual?

The time is now, to receive the final 2 parts of your unique-to-you Human Being User Manual.

This proven method has been designed and tested to take you out of your suffering; and when you do this work, the method works!

It works because you have all of the tools required to navigate this timeline that take you to the next level of Human Being, it is then that you are free!

By the completion of this process, you will have

  • Created a MAP – a visual tool of all of the unique-to-you elements designed to guide you on your human being journey
  • Learned exactly what TRIGGERS you and how it keeps you in survival mode
  • Remembered your POWER and how to align to it to thrive
  • Built you Blueprint; the exact script to take you out of suffering
  • Reprogrammed all 12 areas of ‘Earth School’ back to your true frequency and vibration

This is the FULL path to lasting self-mastery... This is what is means to truly KNOW THYSELF.

Over 18 life-changing weeks, you will learn to:

  • Feel happy & empowered most of the time; As you reprogram your power energy and develop profound self awareness, you’ll have a solid foundation for maintaining a state of deep happiness and empowerment most of the time. – no matter what is happening around you.
  • Love yourself & your life; With the help of your unique Human Being User Manual, you’ll come to know your true self and develop deep appreciation for yourself and your life. You’ll learn to honor your needs and treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would offer to a dear friend.
  • Live on purpose – with ease; When people don’t know their purpose, they’re likely to feel unfulfilled, unmotivated and inadequate. Can you relate? You’ll feel a deep sense of motivation and drive to pursue your goals with passion and determination. You wake up each day with a sense of excitement and aliveness.
  • Transform setbacks into triumphs and emerge stronger than ever; You’ll be able to quickly shift back into your power when faced with adversity – so you can navigate life’s inevitable challenges with resilience and grace. Happiness and empowerment will no longer be fleeting states but rather inner qualities that are GROUNDED in your entire being.
  • Break the chains of generational trauma; The roots of many of our challenges don’t lie in our immediate life experiences or chemical imbalances within our brains, but rather in the experiences of our ancestors. This is why some of us can’t seem to break patterns like ‘people pleasing’, codependence, worry or depression. You can finally take back your power from generational trauma and pave the way for a new legacy of healing and resilience.
  • Get back into alignment with who you’re meant to be; You’ll be empowered to live on your ‘True Path’ as Spirit Energy having a human experience – and create your life from this place of deep connection and strength.

Are you ready to shift out of just surviving, into thriving?

Your Soul Reveal Reading was just the beginning. It was the tool designed to bring your conscious Self-Awareness to the surface, and it planted the seed of ‘Taking Your Power Back’.

Now, you are ready

The Human Being User Manual is the rest of your ‘unique to you’ map and Traci is here to teach you how to use it in every single experience of frustration, agitation, or suffering, to shift you out of surviving into thriving.

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“For once, I know my life path and who I want to be.”
“Thank goodness I found you in this lifetime!”

In the Human Being User Manual Course, you will:

Ultimately, you will walk away from this 'work' knowing why you're here and be able to create a life where you feel 'mostly awesome most of the time'.


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what other spiritual seekers are saying

"It may sound weird, but I felt a nudge from the universe that meeting you was in my highest good. It took just that one session for me to know this is where I wanted to be to learn more about myself, the Universe and energy medicine. For once, I know my life path and who I want to be."
Donna K
"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how REVOLUTIONARY the Human Being User Manual is. It has given me a working model to effectively pull myself out of a pattern I couldn't before. I can't thank you enough for sharing this tool, I will be forever grateful for this and all of the teachings you share. Thank goodness I found you in this lifetime!"
Kylie C.
“Amidst all the stress I currently have in my life, I have a sense of peace, calm, and gratitude that can only be due to my healing journey. And for that, I am eternally grateful”
Marge D
“One session with you changed my life!”
Sabrina L

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the human being user manual?

Deep inside of our innate operating system is a cellular memory called Soul vibration – it is the purpose each individual has for incarnating into this timeline.  It stores within it a map of sorts that is designed to align you to your true and authentic self.  Your Divine Assignment includes the answers to how you are meant to create your reality, what your true path looks and feels like for you and how you best navigate the matrix or outer reality to learn the 12 Earth lessons.  This memory also holds your generational trauma or shadow stories designed not to punish rather to guide you through mastering being human. It is your Divine Blueprint and is unique as your fingerprints.

Why don't we know about the human being user manual?

Many generations ago the grandparents stopped teaching the grandchildren to commune with Mother Earth and connect to Father Sky.  We have forgotten that Earth is a school.  We have incarnated here to remember who we truly are… Spirit Energy on a Human Assignment immersed in thoughts, feeling and experiences independent to each body.  We are here to raise the frequency and vibration of this timeline and to ascend to 5th-dimensional awareness.

Why hasn't all the work I've done in the past seem to last?

Rest at ease.  Everything you have done to learn, heal and grow holds great value.  It is stored in your cellular memory ready to activate once you have the tools you need in place.  Imagine that you have done all of the surface work.  The tools you have collected seem useless because they are just that, surface tools.  Once you are at the root of what you need to know about yourself all of those tools will serve great value to you.

What is the course schedule?

You will begin with some prep work while you wait for your next 1:1 zoom session which will booked as an appointment of your chosen date and time.

At your own pace, you will build your scale of awareness and attune to the 12 earth lessons – it is recommended to do one session a week.

The weekly live coaching calls take place at 9pm EST on Thursdays. While they are optional they are highly recommended and will be led by Traci unless she is on holiday.

How is Traci going to help me?

Traci is a highly trained and divinely guided Spiritual Xenagogue – she is the translator of the human being user manual and the tour guide of the human experience.  She will first channel your unique-to-you human being user manual and then she will guide you in reprogramming your power back into the 12 earth lessons – physical well-being, emotional competence, mental capacity, spiritual connection, character, intimate love, parent/child relations, social infrastructure, career, finances, quality of life and vision for the future. Finally, she will teach you to activate your innate bioenergetic field so that you take your power back and know how to maintain your high frequency. 

Traci is dedicated to holding space for you as you heal, to be your spiritual guide and to teach you how Earth School works.

Why do I feel like this?

What you are feeling is called Spiritual Disconnection.  You simply do not know what you need to know about yourself and because of that Soul, Ego and Body are not in alignment – worse they do not even know one another intimately with one mind.  Spiritual Disconnection occurs when we are not Self Aware.  It begins as uninspired, shifts to self-sabotage, and renders us incapable of asking for or receiving the help we need. Out of fear, all of that leads to anger becoming depression and worry becoming anxiety.

You are not alone.  You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

How long will the course take me?

Give yourself as much time as you need.  You have access to the container for life. 

The Human Being User Manual consists of 18 modules, which you can do at your own pace. We recommend doing 1 module per a week – so you can absorb the materials and get results sooner. 

Through your first 18 weeks you have access to the weekly coaching calls and when you are done the process you can join Earth School to continue weekly sessions with Traci.

You should plan to spend a minimum of 90-minutes each week doing your lesson, attunement and having time for reflection.  The more reflection time you put aside (even 10 minutes a day) the better your will know thyself.

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