July 2023 Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD

July 2023

Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD

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What to Expect:

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Your new SOULutions Provider

Meet Michael – I am so excited to have Michael as a part of my team!  His role will be to make sure that each of you have access to the tools, resources, products, services and events that I offer.  He will be your go to person for all things TRACITRIMBLEPHD…

introducing Michael Cuffy

“Hi Everyone! My name is Michael, a devoted father to two vibrant little boys who fill my life with joy and purpose. Born and raised in the culturally diverse Greater Toronto Area, I carry the spirit of multicultural understanding, inclusivity, and warmth that the city is known for.

As an individual who embraces both physical and mental fitness, I have cultivated a strong passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fitness, to me, is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life that boosts my energy, improves my health, and keeps me focused. Alongside my fitness journey, I’ve recently discovered the transformative power of meditation. This practice has not only helped me find inner peace but also encouraged mindfulness in my daily life.

One of the core principles I stand by is the power of empathy. I firmly believe that understanding and empathizing with everyone’s journey is essential to building stronger, more meaningful connections. I strive to listen, learn, and grow from the narratives that people share, reminding myself that everyone’s story holds a unique wisdom.

Through life’s ups and downs, I hold my head high, cherishing the lessons learned and looking forward to the opportunities yet to come. As a proud father, fitness enthusiast, meditation practitioner, and empathetic soul, I continue to explore the vibrant tapestry of life with curiosity and openness”

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Feature Article

Are Your FEAR Stories Reeking Havoc Again? [includes a free video gift!]

Did you know that inside of every single one of us is a ‘unique to you’ Human Being User Manual.  It is embedded within your cellular memory.  It holds the answers to what you are here to be, do and have.  It is a driving force deep within you – whether you recognize and honour it or not – it is guiding, teaching and protecting you.  Without awareness we are often rendered what Metaphysical psychology explains as unconsciously incompetent – we do not know that we are being guided and we misunderstand the lessons and the opportunities. Even worse, we avoid, escape and ignore our greatest gifts. 

Your Human Being User manual holds the secret to how to live your life on purpose on this planet.  There are 3 main parts to your ‘unique to you’ Human Being User manual and they include:

I give you this information in the Soul Reveal Reading by channeling your cellular memory  It includes the 3 Divine Assignment pieces that each human has to remember in order to escape unconscious incompetence – why you are here, what your true path looks and feels like to you and how you best navigate the outside world.  That is not all,  it also includes the exact name (the frequency and the vibration) of your generational trauma.  These FEAR stories are the unconscious programming that not only blocks you from living fully in your own  purpose but are also the shadow work that you are here to heal. There are 3 of those as well – in general they include the evidence that it is ‘hard to be me’, the belief that you are alone and unprotected and your greatest fear

2) TRUE SELF AWARENESS  – this includes your POWER energy and your TRIGGER energy.
Your power expresses as your LOVE stories and your Trigger as your FEAR stories. These ‘unique to you’ energy types are the ONLY way (with or without your conscious awareness) that you perceive to experience from positive and negative polarities… this is your compass!

3) DIVINE AWARENESS – this is your absolute truth!  I call these your LOVE stories.  They are also referred to as your core value and they are vibrating within your cellular memory to attract your highest good.  However, you have to know their name to start working with them and to stop working against them!  There are 3 and they include your overall purpose or driving force, how you best navigate the outside world and how you nurture your Soul.

So, let me ask you this… 

Since we first met and I shared  with you not only YOUR  3 DIVINE ASSIGNMENT PIECES but also the exact name of your ‘Generational Trauma’ and I asked you to do some homework  – have you done your homework?  What I am asking is “Do you recognize how your FEAR stories are working to keep you in alignment and not working against you?”

If you do not remember your Divine Assignment or FEAR stories reach out to Grace and ask her for your complimentary REFRESHER document – make sure that is the email subject line.  You can use the link below to email her.

You haven’t had your SOUL REVEAL READING yet.  Well, you are in for some great news.  We have a summer promotion on.  Your Soul Reveal Reading includes access to the Self Awareness Academy container AND a complimentary integration call that is on special for just $79!

Whether you know your Soul Reading, you have forgotten or you have never received it, I am here to support you with this an audio gift called LOVE & FEAR that will show you not only what your FEAR stories are trying to tell you but also gift you some actionable tools! 

Want more of that… SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel where you will find a wealth of knowledge about your HUMAN BEING USER MANUAL!

We are all SPIRIT energy here on a  Divine Assignment to learn as much as possible about being Human… 

I am here as a
Spiritual TOUR Guide & TRANSLATOR of the human experience 
it is my purpose and my honour to be of
enormous benefit
to and for YOU! 

From Your Spiritual Xenagogue

A Spiritual Xenagogue is a tour guide of the Human experience and a translator of the Human Being User Manual

As male energy, I am TASK oriented and I LOVE to learn.  It is a never-ending passion of mine and it benefits both of us greatly.  While I am currently pursuing my 3rd doctorate in Ontology and have enrolled in an Ayurveda Practitioner certification, my main priority since June 2023 has been the completion of my licensing process to be in-service as a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist.  By This time next year, I will be offering a well round BODY | SOUL~EGO | SPIRIT therapy practice.  For the body, Ayurveda & Yoga therapy, for Soul & Ego bioenergetic therapy & the Self Awareness Academy and for Spirit psychedelic assisted therapy and sacred medicine circles focus on the theme of ‘KNOW THYSELF’.

In the meantime, I will continue to share my knowledge and wisdom as your Spiritual Xenagogue in these fun ways…

What am I reading?

Sally Kempton - Awakening Shakti

I know – how do I have time to read ‘for pleasure’ books doing 3 intensive programs – well this one is special.  Not only was it a gift from a dear Soul sister but also in memory of a beloved teacher and mentor that is no longer on this Earthly plane with us.

In mid July Sally Kempton passed away at the age of 80 human years although I am sure that she carries thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom.  She shared her gifts for more than half of her life.  

I am beyond grateful to have had her as a teacher, mentor and a guide.  What she shared and more importantly how she shared it was the greatest of gifts to me.


01.15.1943 to 07.10.23

May your light continue to shine bright in each of us that you shared your wealth of wisdom with.

What am I crazy about?

Mastering Spirit being Human

Everything I am crazy about serves one purpose and only that one purpose – SELF MASTERY.  To be in alignment with the natural laws, first and foremost, balancing the Spiritual and Physical… ‘As above; So below!

While I will not profess to be an expert in any of these things that I am crazy about I will say I am well-researched and am experiencing each thing I share here long before I share it with you!  I am not endorsing or affiliated to these things – just hoping to excite and educate one person at a time!!


Who am I following?

Zach Bush on my Commune App

I will rave about my Commune App in next months newsletter but for now  all of my raving is saved for and is all about Zach Bush. 

As brilliant, well spoken advocate of what he calls being “dedicated to the health of humanity” Zach is truly worth following. What he is sharing will first start to change your life but will also support you in being of enormous benefit to humanity as we all level up into the 5th Dimensional perspective.

He is a “physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care; an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems”.  His platform is Soul’s Anatomy.  This year, I will be reformatting my Bioenergetic Practitioner Certification program called Practitioner’s Journey to include much of what he teaches of Body & Spirit in wholeness as one.

I know that he will be (if he is not already) instrumental in changing this planet.  It has been my honour to witness his work and I am both grateful and truly blessed that I will continue to learn even more from him!


Stay tuned in the August newsletter for …

How to create more Self Love

DO NOT work too much…

We all need to figure out work life balance; and a break from “doing”.

DO create a sacred space just for you…

We all need to have quiet time – to meditate, do your own energy medicine and contemplate on our own spiritual journey.  Even if it is a favourite spot out in nature.  Any place that is just yours! This is one of mine…

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