October 2023 Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD


Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD

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Shifting from KNOW to HEAL and back...

In this month’s video lesson, I share with you the ways that the 3D Earth vibration has already shifted to 5D and that we, too, must shift our own Energy frequency:

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We are all SPIRIT energy here on a  Divine Assignment to learn as much as possible about being Human… 

I am here as a
Spiritual TOUR Guide & TRANSLATOR of the human experience 
it is my purpose and my honour to be of
enormous benefit
to and for YOU! 

From Your Spiritual Xenagogue

A Spiritual Xenagogue: a tour guide of the Human experience & translator of the Human Being User Manual

I LOVE to learn.  It is a never-ending passion of mine and it benefits both of us greatly.  While I am currently pursuing my 3rd doctorate in Ontology and have enrolled in an Ayurveda Practitioner certification, my main priority since June 2023 has been the completion of my licensing process to be in-service as a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist.  By This time next year, I will be offering a well-rounded BODY | SOUL~EGO | SPIRIT therapy practice.  For the body, Ayurveda & Yoga therapy, for Soul & Ego bioenergetic therapy & the Self Awareness Academy and for Spirit psychedelic assisted therapy and sacred medicine circles focus on the theme of ‘KNOW THYSELF’.

In the meantime, I will continue to share my knowledge and wisdom as your Spiritual Xenagogue in these fun ways…

What am I watching?


I love the Gaia membership. Not only is it affordable at way under $20 a month but it also has something for everyone from yoga and meditation to esoteric studies, to well, yep… Aliens.  

It also happens to be my daily walking partner.  Without Gaia there is no way I would get on that treadmill every morning for more than 10 minutes let alone an hour!

These days I am making my way through the series called MYSTERY TEACHINGS with Dr. Teresa Bullard.  I love the way that she adds science and mysticism into everything she talks about like they have been best friends for millennia.

Some of my favourite sessions so far have been about Alchemy, Energy Medicine and Sound Healing.

There are several seasons and I am just starting the second so Dr. Bullard will be my walking partner for a few more months!

If you are a Spiritual Seeker of wisdom and truly curious about mysticism, alchemy and the natural laws she does a beautiful job at making it interesting and relatable. 

As a mystery school initiate myself, I must admit that sometimes relatable isn’t always the easiest to come by and I feel like Gaia does a great job at putting it all out there for people who are not initiated to be able to learn at their own pace.

What am I crazy about?

Everything I am crazy about serves one purpose and only that one purpose – SELF MASTERY.  To be in alignment with the natural laws, first and foremost, balancing the Spiritual and Physical… ‘As above; So below!


Since 2015, I have been working diligently at figuring out how to support my physical body in ways that are very different in my 50’s than in my 30’s.  

In my youth I was athletic, fit and driven to work my body hard to manage my weight with no regard for health.  There were a even few years between 2010 and 2015 that I gave zero consideration to my body at all – I was so enamoured by Spirituality that I forgot to be human.

Today, I am the healthiest I have ever been… and the heaviest too.  It has taken some emotional work to get over what I was thinking that my body should look like but thankfully I have done that work and I feel amazing. 

A lot of that has to do with what I have decided “healthy” means for me. It ALL comes down to what I very consciously choose to put into my body and how my biome will be capable of using it to support me. One of those choices for me is a mushroom-based adaptogen regime consisting of a hot beverage as soon as I wake up and just before bed. 

My brand of choice is FOUR SIGMATIC and right now they are offering both of us a deal…

Who am I following?


Just over a month ago the makers of the documentary THE NATURAL LAW started a facebook page to, yes – promote their movie and services – but also to share a wealth of knowledge on AYURVEDA that is super easy to digest.

They have grown their followers to over 8000 people in a few short weeks and I am one of them.
I have been self studying Ayurveda since 2007 and formerly working toward my certification since 2023 and I am really loving what they are posting.  I hope that you do too.
 I especially loved their 5 day challenge.  It was easy to implement and I have yielded results from enhancing my daily rituals to include the practice of tongue scraping and a breathing exercise, attuned specifically to my primary Dosha of Pitta, that I have been using to alleviate those pesky hot flashes right before bed!
Here is an introductory except from their page and a link to get you over there easily…
“We are absolutely delighted to have each one of you join us on this journey of holistic well-being and self-discovery. 
As we eagerly await the premiere of The Natural Law Film on August 25th, we cannot contain our excitement to share the magic of Ayurveda with all of you. This ancient science of life is not merely a system of medicine but a way of living in harmony with nature, promoting balance, and nurturing our mind, body, and soul.”

FEATURED EVENT: Sacred Medicine Circle

The HIGHLY MEDITATED series are live and in-person events hosted by Traci Trimble, Ph.D, D.MPsych in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada on the 3rd Saturday of each month…


These sacred plant medicine journeys take place on the 3rd Saturdays in October, February, March, May and July annually. 

In this sacred ceremonial circle, we will use a specific plant medicine* to journey with Mother Earth (Mamacita), Father Heaven (Cosmic Intelligence) and their children the magic mushrooms called Psilocybin. 

This empowering container is guaranteed to create an experience beyond just the ceremony.  One that holds space for a viscerally higher and continual vibration ideal for Self Love.

Classes are small and intimate. These live sessions will be up to 10 hours in duration for the ceremony, experience, integration and a meal PLUS a Zoom integration call 5 days later. Additional integration treatment sessions are available for a fee and after June 2024, when Traci graduates from Psychedelic-assisted Therapy certification (PaT) you may be covered by your natural health practitioner insurance.

Not only will you take a self-directed journey with the plant medicine teachers you will also experience deep cellular memory healing as Traci moves through this timeline’s Akashic records to deprogram the blocked generational trauma energy and the affected chakras.  Along with psychedelics, we will use sound therapy, mediation and energy medicine to reprogram the cellular memory as directed by the Master Teachers. You will embark into a profound state of Self Awareness as the ceremony uncovers obstacles of ego and activates rich experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing.

Saturday September 21, 2023 from 10am to 10pm

Port Perry, Ontario, Canada; the address will be sent to confirmed participants

Setting a sacred ceremonial space, a metaphysical lesson, somatic breathing followed by a self directed spiritual experience. A group integration and a healthy, delicious meal wraps the day up. In addition an optional but highly recommended group integration Zoom Event on the Thursday following the event at 8pm/EST 

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This dynamic Self Healing is only recommended when you are ready –  because you have done your own work honestly – when you are ready to feel inspired, to experience deeper levels of Self Love and to open to greater depths of mental and/or emotional disentanglement.  It is also perfect when you are looking to explore new paths and opportunities for Spiritual Awakening from within.

How to create more Self Love

EMBRACE the miracle that is FORGIVENESS

It is a very common misconception that when you forgive it is for someone else.  It is not.  Forgiveness is 100% for you and you alone.  Hear me out on this one…

When you give forgiveness to yourself or to another you are releasing a heavy burden from your bioenergetic field.  Your biofield has 4 main layers that are effected drastically when you are unable to give or to receive forgiveness:

  • PHYSICALLY ~ when you forgive, you are freeing your meridian system of blocked suffering often held behind the back of the shoulder blades or the front of the hips
  • EMOTIONALLY ~ when you forgive, you open your heart.  A closed heart renders you incapable of kindness and compassion and fills you with sadness and grief
  • MENTALLY ~ according to Kyle Gray, forgiveness is “a deconditioning of the mind”.  When you forgive  you to release the old patterns that are controlling and compelling you to activate your FEAR stories over and over
  • SPIRITUALLY ~ when you are stuck in a state of lack of forgiveness you are disconnecting yourself from Source. This results in the inability to trust your intuition and effects your physical body, your emotional competency and your mental capacity.
When you choose forgiveness, you are ultimately choosing SELF LOVE.  Not only are you living in the present – where anything can be healed – but also you are freeing yourself from moYou are opening your heart to LOVE
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